Cutting and Polishing Granite Countertops

Should I Cut the Countertop Myself or Buy an Already-Cut Piece from the Countertop Store?

Cutting granite is a very valuable skill to have if you consider installing a countertop yourself. However, it also one of the trickiest skills a DIYer can aquire. Granite is a very heavy material that can easily break if not handled properly. Usually, it requires more than one person to cut, polish, and install a granite countertop. Additionally, you’ll need special diamond blades for the polishing process because typical blades don’t hold up to the task. Due to the complexity of the task, many homeowners decide to purchase already-cut granite from a countertop store. However, if you feel confident in your skills, you can try to do the job yourself. Here’s a brief guide on how to cut granite.

  • granite countertopPreparing the work area
    A lot of dust is generated when cutting granite. Inhaling this dust can lead to respiratory problems. So, the first thing that you’ll need is a breathing mask. Additionally, in order to avoid dust spread, consider using a circular saw that is equipped with a vacuuming function. These saws are designed specifically for dry cutting and prevent dust spread.
  • Measuring
    Granite cannot be glued, welded, or stuck back together. This means that your measurements must be accurate in order to avoid mistakes. When measuring granite countertops, make sure to include spaces for appliances as most of the time they are flush with countertops.
  • Cutting
    Once you double check your measurements, you can begin cutting. Start from one of the most accessible corners and follow your marks with your circular saw. If the marks become unreadable, stop the saw and redo the markings. In order to reduce trepidation, install collars on each side of your saw’s blade.
  • Polishing
    The edges of the granite must be carefully polished. However, the hard density of the granite makes it hard to polish. So, in order to obtain professional results, you may need to use an automatic edge sharpener. But, since these devices are quite expensive, it may be more economical to hire a professional for the task.

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