Frequently Asked Questions about Granite Countertops

Find the Answers to Your Questions before You Visit Your Local Countertop Store

A granite countertop is a great addition to any kitchen. Besides comfort and utility, a good countertop also offers enhanced curb appeal. But, there are many types of countertops available. Some of the most popular ones are granite countertops. Here are the answers to some of the most questions questions we’ve been asked in our line of work.

Custom Luxury KitchenHow often do I have to seal a granite countertop?
As a general rule, countertops made of granite should be sealed every six months. However, some countertops may need to be resealed even more often than that. It all depends on the level of usage.

How do I know if my countertops need to be resealed?
The simplest way to test the effectiveness of your countertops sealant is to pour a small quantity of water on a small area. If the water puddles on the surface of the granite, then your sealant is still effective. But, if the water slowly seeps into the countertop, then you may have to reseal your granite surfaces.

What kind of sealer should I use?
All granite surfaces are sealed during the fabrication process with a Stone Impregnator. This type of sealer penetrates the stone and works its way into the pores and cracks. It is recommended that you use the same type of sealer when you reseal your countertops.

Why does it appear that my granite countertops have pits in them?
Pitting is described as rough, tiny indents in the granite surface. This is quite normal for granite surfaces. Rest assured that pits will not affect the durability or longevity of the countertops.

What’s the best way to clean a granite countertop?
The most effective way to clean granite is using warm, soapy water. There are many granite cleaners on the market these days, but keep in mind that many of them may affect your countertop seal coat.

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