Granite Countertop Installation

A Brief Guide on How to Install Granite Countertops

A granite countertop can add a nice, sophisticated look to any bathroom or kitchen. Granite is a durable and long-lasting material that can last many years, even in extreme conditions. Additionally, it comes in many colors, so you can definitely find a countertop that fits your cabinets. However, before you decide to visit your local countertop store, take a moment to read a few things about granite countertop installation. It may help you make a better decision when choosing your countertop.

Granite CountertopsMeasuring the cabinets
The first thing you must do is measure your cabinet. Measure from the side wall to the side of the cabinet, from the back wall to the front of the cabinet, and don’t forget to add an additional inch for an overhang. If you’re planning to make your countertop from two or more separate pieces, then keep in mind that countertops that meet must be cut at an angle, so you have to add half an inch to each piece.

Buying the countertop
The next thing you must do is visit a countertop store. Some companies sell prefabricated countertops, while others can cut you a granite countertop according to your measurements. Many companies offer installation services also. It’s better to use their services as they have more experience.

Installing plywood
Since granite countertops are quite heavy, your cabinets may need additional support in order to stand the added weight. So, purchase some ?” plywood and cut it according to your cabinet measurements. Install the plywood on top of the cabinet, making sure there is no overhang. Use screws to fasten the plywood to the cabinet.

Installing the countertop
Use 1” screws under the plywood to raise or lower the countertop. Place dollops of silicone around the plywood’s perimeter, and put caulk around the sink rim. Lower the granite countertop into place.

If all this seems too complicated for you, then contact AMC Stone Inc and let us install your granite countertops. Our company is based in Dallas, TX, and you can find us at (972) 284-0744.