Granite Countertop Maintenance

Learn How to Care for Your Countertops and You May Be Able to Avoid a Costly Visit to the Granite Countertop Store

Granite is one of the most durable countertop materials out there. Logically, it shouldn’t require much maintenance. But contrary to popular belief, granite countertops do require regular maintenance and upkeep. The good news is that the process comes down to following just a few simple steps. Keep the following things in mind and you may save yourself from a costly visit to your local granite countertop store.

luxury home kitchenCleaning
One of the most important parts of the granite maintenance process is cleaning. By keeping your granite clean, you reduce the risk of dust particles scratching your countertops. The best way to clean granite is to use warm water in combination with a biodegradable, phosphate-free, mild, and preferably light-colored dish soap. This is the most effective way to clean grime and grease from your countertops without damaging them.

Once you clean them thoroughly, rinse your countertops thoroughly and dry them with a cotton cloth. We strongly suggest you buy special granite cleansers from a specialized granite countertop store. Never use acid cleaners on your countertops. They may include ammonia which will make the stone lose its luster. You should also avoid using powdered cleaners as they contain pumice, which may act as an abrasive on your stone.

If your countertops have lost their appearance, then consider resealing them with a specially designed stone sealer. Sealing protects granite from stains and also adds beauty and shine to its surface. Make sure you use a high-quality sealing product. In order to be siure that you will buy the right stuff, go to a reputable granite countertop store.

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