Seamlessness – the New Trend in Kitchen Design

Why You Should Choose Seamless Granite Countertops for Your New Kitchen

Every kitchen remodeling project requires a great deal of experience and knowledge if outstanding results are to be achieved. However, utility and comfort are not the only goals you should seek to reach. If you want to create a unique kitchen, then you should get yourself familiar with the latest trends in kitchen design. But, ask any bath or kitchen remodeler about some top trends, and they’ll definitely mention seamless granite countertops.

interior luxury apartment, comfortable bathroomThere are many benefits that a seamless design has to offer. Among the most important ones is the visual interest of a design that spans throughout the entire kitchen in a continuous and seamless flow of elements. Another great advantage of seamless design is that it eliminates the places where grease and dirt can collect and harbor bacteria. In other words, seamless surfaces are far easier to clean and maintain.

There are many kitchen materials available that can help you create seamless surfaces. However, two of them have attracted our interest: ColorQuartz and Neolith. These products come in long slabs, allowing remodelers to create large seamless surfaces. Both of these materials have multiple uses; however, they are usually used as countertops.

This is an ultra-compact material made of natural minerals such as mineral oxide, silica, feldspar, and clay. Neolith is a heat, cold, UV, stain, and scratch resistant material. Additionally, this material cannot be harmed by cleaning agents, which means that it will maintain its appearance for long periods of time.

This material is made of crushed quartz combined with pigments and polyester resins. The slabs are extremely durable and resistant. Since they feature a non-porous surface, they won’t collect or harbor bacteria.

Whatever type of granite countertops you choose, you must know that the installation process requires the expertise of a specialist. Failing to install countertops right the first time may result in poor designs, diminished lifespan, or future problems.

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