Top Benefits of Granite Countertops

Why Would You Choose Granite for your Countertops?

Since granite countertops are not the cheapest, you would obviously like to know what other benefits they have to offer, before you decide to purchase them. We can say from the beginning that installing granite countertops is definitely a good investment. There are many benefits you can get from them. In this article you will find some of the most important ones.

CountertopsFirst of all, you must understand what granite is. Charlotte Granite is a rock formed from magma, that can be found in a wide range of colors, textures and forms. One of its main benefits (strength) also makes it one of the hardest materials to extract. After the granite rock is extracted, it’s cut in granite slabs, and polished on one side. Then, the countertop installer custom cuts it to fit your countertops.

Probably one of the biggest benefits of installing granite countertops is the fact that they don’t react to children abuse, heat, or any other elements found in the bathroom or kitchen. Granite does not burn, and it is very hard to scratch.

Since granite countertops are extracted from Earth, it is almost impossible to find two that look the same. Each granite countertop has its own distinctive pattern, and this is what makes them unique. If you want to update and freshen the look of your kitchen, then installing granite countertops will definitely do the trick.

Yes, we said at the beginning that granite countertops are not quite the cheapest countertops on the market. However, this doesn’t mean there is no way to get a good deal. The key is to find a good countertop shop. For instance, AMC Stone Inc imports, distributes, custom fabricates, and installs granite countertops. This means that no subcontractors are used, which means you get the cheapest price possible. If you’re interested in granite countertops, then feel free to call us at (972) 284-0744. We have a shop in Dallas, TX where you can see some of the countertops we offer.